All 50

I  met Maryann in a pool in Oakland. She was a neighbor to my friend Kurt, an older lady in her 60s, retired, and she was floating besides me on one summer afternoon in August of 2007.

We talked and somehow it came up that she had visited all 50 US states. I’m a collector/hunter. The idea intrigued me, so I thought, I’d do that too. On each of my subsequent visits to the US, I tried to visit at least one ‘new’ state.

Of course, there are rules. A change of plane at an airport does not count. I have to visit something, even briefly (and not a gas station), even when driving through a state.

So far, I have visited 19.

Here’s the map:

US states visited

I will need to close some gaps in the fly-over states of the mid-West and I definitely need to attack the South.

My future plans are:

  • Visiting Detroit. I’d love to see and explore a city in such a decline – and resurrection.
  • A Southern trip, exploring the history of the Deep South and learning about the civil war
  • Boston and the North-East, like a trip from NYC to Montreal
  • Texas, after all.