Atlanta High Museum of Art

Anish Kapoor - reflection 5Just a few pictures from the highly entertaining High Museum of Art in Atlanta simply called ‘the High’, a modern museum complex housing different exhibitions and a great permanent collection.

High Art Museum Atlanta ceilingI spent a couple of hours in there, walking through the different buildings, some designed by Renzo Piano and sporting an amazing ceiling that let in a great, natural light.

The art and exhibitions range from the current exhibition on the Coke bottle design to European and American art sculptures and furniture.

The most fascinating discovery though was this untitled art installation by Anish Kapoor, a Mumbai-born British artist.

His untitled, stainless steel sculpture first reminded me of the dish antennas the Voyager space probes were outfitted with. But stepping in front of them and moving around I was mesmerized. I tried to capture it in a few pictures here.

If you’ve visiting Atlanta, The high Museum of Art is a must-see. Perfect for rainy or hot days – the air conditioning provided a welcome break form Atlanta’s hot and humid climate.

And if you’re in the area, just across the street is the MODA – the Museum of Design Atlanta. This small design museum has changing exhibition of different aspects of design.

The current exhibition ‘Design for healthy living’ presented s specific design strategies in urban planning to promote routine physical activity and healthy living – for example the multi-billion project called Atlanta BeltLine.

It aims to reactivate the defunct rail system of Atlanta into a new tramline and park system, that will connect Atlanta’s communities and at the same time transform the city.