Cape Town Stadium

It’s a landmark building of modern Cape Town, and a reference point on any picture: the Cape Town Stadium.

Built in 2007-09 in time for the Soccer World Cup, held in South Africa, it replaced the old, more modest Green Point Stadium that had been at the same spot.

A part of the old stadium was reconstructed into the Green Point Athletics Stadium, with a seating capacity of 4500. The whole area is surrounded by a nice urban park and landscape.

You can argue if it was really necessary to spend 4.4 bn Rand, some 600 million US Dollars, on the construction of a stadium that size? In a country and city that would have a whole lot of other priorities like housing in townships, etc?

The stadium was mainly used during the FIFA world cup. At that time it held 64.000 people, but has been downsized not to a mere 55.000.

Still the question remains: what for…? It is now home to the local soccer club Ajax Cape Town. On top, it has hosted some rock concerts too, like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga or, soon, Justin Bieber.

The whole enterprise seems to be in financial trouble, now that the FIFA circus has moved on. The city is trying to get more tenants, and from 2015 the South Africa Sevens rugby tournament is being held in the stadium.

But you can also hire the stadium for your corporate event, should you need to seat a few thousand people.

Amazing architecture

However, from any architectural point of view, the stadium simply looks amazing.

The swinging shape of its bowl gives it something light, and depending on the light conditions part of the structure is actually partially transparent.

You can visit the stadium of course, which I didn’t as it was closed on most of the holidays. However it seems it’s definitely worth to visit the premises where Germany wiped the floor with the Argentinian team in a 4:0 match.

Here are some pictures of this amazing Cape Town landmark.