More fish: Sea Life Aquarium

After those fish we eat, we headed to those we look at: the Sea Life Aquarium. As it was still raining and cold, anyway.

The aquarium was bigger than I expected, and honestly, a nice past time.

A bit crowded – as everyone was looking for shelter from the rain – but we still got a good look at a number of maritime creatures we never had a chance to observe.

Sea horses, medusas, sharks and even a dugong, some penguins, rays and even some rare species form jurassic times (of which I can’t remember the names).

We spent more time in there than I had expected, it went on and on, and I marveled at the sharks and rays swimming over me in the underwater glass tunnel.

The building though is a somewhat complex structure with steps and additions and feels somewhat dated. But then again, we’re here for the sea life.

Here’s a selection of the best pictures we managed to get besides the other visitors and the reflections of the glass.

If you’re in Sydney on a rainy day, especially with kids, the aquarium is definitely a place to visit, if you’re through with the museums.