G’Day, Melbourne Rebel Hearts

Here are some pictures of the first Madonna concert in Melbourne, her first full on concert in Australia after 23 years!

After having recovered form the grueling queueing experience for the Tears of a clown show two days earlier, I was happy to have seats on the floor tonight, and to be able to come late and just enjoy the show.

My friend Sara, who is my airbnb host again, also got tickets, and we had a drink before the show.

Well, we thought, because faster than we expected, we heard Michael Jackson’s Wanna be starting something coming from the arena… That’s the sign, Madonna will be on next.

It’s fun to see the arena go wild over Michael Jackson, but by now people know that this is the code: the Queen is coming!

Melbourne was in a good mood and so was Madonna.

It was show #23 for me on this tour, and I always ask myself: really, was this really necessary to see it again? But yeah, or better: fuck yeah, as the Aussies say.

Once the music comes on and the show starts, Madonna takes me on a very special ride.

She dropped the medley and Who’s that girl, but I got to hear Take a bow, one of her biggest hits, which she rarely sings live.


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  1. sammiej Rogers
    March 22, 2016 at 19:15

    O.M.G!!!@#$!!!! BEST NIGHT EVER… #MandyGuthrie

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