Off to Hobart: Road trip through Tasmania

After two days in Sydney, we left for a 6-day road trip through Australia’s biggest island, Tasmania.

The 2-hour flight took south along the coast of New South Wales and Victoria, and then over Bass Strait.

The sea strait that separates the island from mainland Australia was named after George Bass. He passed through it in 1798-99 while circumnavigating what was then called Van Diemen’s Land and is now named Tasmania.

As we had packed light (under 20 kilos per luggage) we got a cheap one-way ticket on Jetair for only 115 Euro.

A pretty good deal.


Tasmania from above

We flew over much of the area that we were planning to drive though. So we got a kind of preview from above.

Our plan was to visit Hobart for two days. After that we’d head north along the coast, notably to Wineglass Bay and the Bay of fires, before flying out of Launceston on day 6.

We arrived in Hobart’s small airport on time, and I rented the first out of three rental cars.

Off to drive on the left again, to the discomfort of my sister…