Late Queen in Brisbane

Ok, I have to say it: it was the worst concert I’ve been to, out of the Rebel Heart Tour.

It’s only beaten by the Confessions tour in Düsseldorf 2006, when due to a technical problem the sound system was off where we were seated. We sat in silence as no one could really hear the music.

The first show in Brisbane was different, though. The sound was perfect. It was just way too late.

It might have been a technical problem. The sound check was on till 7.15 pm. Maybe they had a problem to fix. But then, Madonna could have referred to that when she was finally on stage, at 11.22 pm.

It was just too late, and the mood was gone. A lot of people had left already or got up during the show, leaving lots of great seats empty, visibly.

And the mood was gone. Even people near the catwalk couldn’t bother to get up anymore, even when she passed by. They hardly sang along when she, in a tribute to Kylie, sang a few verses of Can’t get you outta my head.

It’s sad. So much effort is put into the show (and so much money paid) that it deserves to meet a public that is still hot for it. Not asleep. Or has left.

The press the next morning was all over it. And even the die-hard fans are divided. Fierce battles in social media ensued.

I had great seats close to the catwalk, and was at the admittedly fun pre-party with free drinks (till 8 pm) and food (not too bad).

Still even I couldn’t really go along any more, despite the show being somewhat special with the Kylie tribute, and a new song I hadn’t heard before on this tour, Crazy for you.

I had great spots for pictures. Here are some of the best. I feel like I’ve taken pics of every possible scene by now.

Unfortunately in the last section, my two batteries died, so I just watched the end, without taking any pics.