Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour hits Antwerp

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour hits Antwerp, despite all the craziness after the attacks in Paris and the lock-down in Brussels.

Security was somewhat tighter than usual, but did not go beyond a simple padding. There were security guards with weapons and dogs patrolling.

I was with my friends Sven, Kevin, Gaby and Fabian, we stood at the main catwalk between the cross intersection and the heart, a great spot to see most of the show from in between.

As they had to de-construct the stage over night, rush it to Mannheim and rebuild it for the show there the next day, the Queen graced us with an on-time appearance (meaning 21.45).

She was in a great chatty mood and engaged lots with the audience, which was, in my opinion, the best on a show so far.

Belgium and Antwerp rocked.

People were up in their seats, dancing and singing and cheering.

We got treated to a full show with bonuses, despite the time constraints, she sang the 80s medley she sometimes drops, sang Who’s that girl and added Don’t tell me as a bonus!

It was a crazy, amazing night!