Mannheim Rebel hearts

It must have been a nightmare for the technicians and the team.

Two back-to-back shows in cities a few hundred kilometers apart. It meant deconstructing the single stage as quickly as possible. I talked to someone from the crew, he said that took 4-5 hours.

Then they needed to get the whole thing form Antwerp to Mannheim, and re-build it as fast as possible.

They knew they needed more time, so Madonna started the Antwerp show early, and the one in Mannheim was announced to start really late.

I arrived by train in the afternoon, and was at the SAP Arena around 3. And number #31 in the Early Entry queue. There were not many die-hard fans this time, so a good spot at the stage was secured.

And thanks to the Arena, who let us stay in a tiny place with outdoor heating!!! Queueing has never been that cozy.

We were let in around 8 I think, and the show started at 22.45. Damn late, but I had a great spot at the intersection of the cross.

Of course I took tons of pictures again.

The Mannheim crowd was decidedly calmer than Antwerp, but at the late hour this was no wonder.

M herself was in a great mood and kept joking, partially in German, calling her supposed husband ‘Schnitzel’ all the time. A nickname he’ll have in the Madonna community for life!

Here are the best pics. Enjoy! Share!


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