More Paris Rebel Hearts

I had normal entry tickets for the second show of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Paris, but I just couldn’t queue anymore.

Instead, I met up with my sister. She lives in Paris since 1985, but during this visit she was supposed to attend a two-day conference in Brussels, so we would miss each other.

However, she was back early, and took the afternoon off, so we met in rue St. Anne for some yummy Japanese Ramen, a stroll and a coffee.

I only arrived at Bercy at about 6pm, where I met my friend Cynthia. She’s one of my oldest Madonna tour pals. We met underneath those very same trees back in 2001, when we were queueing for Madonna’s Drowned World Tour. Damn it, nearly 15 years!!!

Thanks God she’s so relaxed… we could have gotten into the crowd a bit closer to the stage, but we stayed at the back, in front of the mixing board, where we met my other tour pals Neil, George, Darren and a few others. Drinks galore and a good view on the stage, what more can you ask for…?

Tonight we got to hear Like a prayer, sung with her son David on stage. Visibly a very proud Mom.

After the show, I met a few other fans at their hotel and we went fro drinks and fries in a bar. I would have loved to stay on longer, but I had to get up at 6 to catch my train back to the office…

Life between tour and work!

And here are some of the pre- and after-show snapshots: