New Year’s on the Cape

I’s been quite a while since I posted anything here… mostly for the reason that I did not travel as much in 2016 as I used to.

I bought an apartment this year, the home base, and coughing up the taxes and associated fees made me cut down seriously on the traveling I had initially planned.

But for New Year’s, I needed to get out, on a plane, on a long-haul flight somewhere around the globe, somewhere warm, somewhere South!

So I headed down to Cape Town, a city that I had already visited in 2014 during my trip around the world. I made friends here, and it was time to see them again, lie on the beach, explore some more and taste some great South African wine.

When traveling over the holidays, it’s always a bit hard to decide what to do on the big days – where to spend Christmas Day or New Year’s eve, when you don’t really know anyone.

Luckily, I still got some friends in Cape Town, and the question of the NYE party was easily settled.

Several friends mentioned that private house party of American friends somewhere in the Zonnebloem quarter, with a view over the fireworks, drinks galore and lots of people.



We arrived around 9 pm in the area, part of the former ‘District Six’ area, that was desegregated and largely torn down during Apartheid.

Our two American hosts has assembled their best friends, a lot of buddies from they gay hiking club. the house was a long ground floor construction, in a row with other, connected apartments. All the way through, in the garage, was the bar, stocked with tons of wines and drinks.

I met some old friends and made some new ones. I ran into Mike, a traveler on a sabbatical, and we exchanged lots of experiences. It was fun to meet a fellow long-term traveler.

At midnight, we all moved out on the green field across the street, where we had a great view over the Cape Town city bowl, the high risers and the fireworks going of at the V&A Waterfront.

A few more drinks, then Sven, Branden and I moved on to de Waterkant, to the Crew Bar nightclub for a bit of dancing. I

‘m not that much into the gay house music that is played on these occasions, but luckily the lower dance floor catered for a different crowd, too.

I came home at around 4.30 when the first faint light was creeping up behind the city.

Welcome to the dawn. Welcome to 2017.