On to Melbourne

After eight days in Tasmania, we’re on our way north.

Next stop: Melbourne.

We debated back and forth whether we should take the ferry or the plane.

I had always dreamt of taking the Spirit of Tasmania across Bass Strait vom Devonport to Melbourne.

The journey, done twice a day, takes about 9 hours, and is possible overnight.

It’s not that expensive, we were looking at about 260 Australian Dollars per head, for a small cabin – no car.

The ship is impressive. Nearly 200m long, 29.000 tons, 1400 passengers, 500 cars. We were looking at the overnight trip, as we didn’t want to spend a day on the ocean – the trip takes about 9 hours.

Though, overnight, theres not much ocean to see and experience…

LST-MEL: on to Melbourne

So, in the end, we opted for a plane, flying out of Launceston.

It was cheaper, and a bit faster, and we could actually spend another evening and half a day in Launceston, exploring the city.

The flight was uneventful as usual – and a bit cheaper than the ferry. Here are some picture of the flight over the green and yellow pastures of Tasmania, and Bass straight.

One day though I’ll sail the Spirit of Tasmania. It won’t be the last time I am visiting.