Pam Ann

pamann-logoI can’t believe what happened on that stage!

Singing, dancing, mean jokes, drinking and swearing.

If you expect something decent, politically correct, I only have one advice: don’t go!

Pam Ann 1If you wanna have a good filthy laugh, get tickets!

I always missed her shows when she was in Belgium, so when I saw Pam Ann, Melbourne-born Caroline Reid, was playing London for a whole month, I had to get tickets.

Susanne and I had some warm-up drinks at nearby Ku-Bar, where Sue fell hopelessly in love with one of the – hopelessly gay – barmen.

A few more drinks at the Leicester Theatre, and we were ready for Pam Ann.

You gotta give it to her, she really is something.

Pam Ann 2Great, outrageous costumes with cleavages down to the navel, some amazing singing and dancing…

Pam Ann opened the show with her version of Madonna’s Living for love and had me right then and there.

She’s portraying various incarnations of flight crew, always over-the-top and foul-mouthed.

Pam Ann won’t shy away from the most not-PC jokes I’ve heard, ever. 9/11? Terrorists? Sex in the air? She’ll be servicing it all. Up yours!

Pam Ann 3I love the warning on the theatre’s website : *Please note this show contains jokes that some people may find offensive.*

You bet they will!

But what really impressed me was her ability to interact with the crowd, and turn anything that was thrown at her into a recurring joke.

Whether it was Sarah who was working for Waitrose sandwiches, or British Airways flight crew in the audience, they got their fair share of jokes.

As did the gays and the other guests.

She must be improvising this! I’ve seen shows where one ‘fake’ audience member was giving cues for more – planned – jokes. But this was the real thing.

Amazing talent of improvisation, and a real dirty mind who comes up with these kind of jokes – that quickly!

Can’t wait to see her again.

Get tickets for the remaining shows here.