Piknic electronik

Montréal. One of the coolest places on the planet. In my humble opinion.

While I have never seen it in the winter (but I will, soon) and everybody tells me that the city is snowed in and people don’t go out unless they absolutely have to, summer is a whole different story.

The city is so alive, people are out and about, in the sun, in the park, shirtless, enjoying every bit of summer and sun they can. The number of outdoor activities is breathtaking.

There’s the world-famous Jazz Festival, that offers hundreds of different concerts, most of them for free… The ‘Village au pied du courant‘, a temporary outdoor dance floor and art installation attracts the hip Montreal crowd… add to this the circus festival, a comedy festival, street food festival… and you’ll be busy all summer.

But above all, the main summer attraction would be the coolest electronic music festival, held every weekend over the summer in the park on Ile Sainte Helene: Piknic electronik.

Come early and you’ll have a bit more space, the later it gets the more people. And the harder the beats. I prefer the more chilled afternoons… Two dance floors, one under a massive metal art installation called Calder, and a number of famous DJs playing every weekend over the summer.

I met up with my friends Josée, Jarrel, Brandon and Joel and a few others to dance the afternoon away and into the night. The atmosphere is super cool, and chilled. It is held in the middle of Parc Jean Drapeau, in the green, and under the open skies, with night falling, with a breathtaking view on the nightly Montreal skyline across the river.