Second Rebel Heart Show in Amsterdam

Second night of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Amsterdam! I had Early Entry tickets today, but I simply could not queue early in the morning. When I came out from last night’s show, people were giving out the numbers for the next day already. So I was #98 just a few moments after the show…

Then they made a name call to confirm, and I nearly lost the number again. Those who were not present were taken off the list. Good, I thought. Five minutes later, another name call… this time I heard my name, but didn’t even bother to cornfirm. If they did this every few hours only I was bound to lose the number anyway.

A couple of friends lost theirs, too, as they had left to the restoom, just after the first confirmation call… all flabbergasted they had lost their spot in the meantime when they came back. It’s crazy and honestly, it’s no more fun like this.

I decided to leave and come back late tomorrow.

So I met up with Sabrina at 2h30 in front of Ziggo Dome, and we were #221 and #222, respectivly… In a way, hopeless. But guess what, we were second row from the heart stage, the top spot. All this craziness, for what? We were good, even if we arrived ‘late’.

When the DJ came on and everybody got up, it good a bit pushy, we tried to keep out balance and touched the rail. The fan in front of us hurled: don’t touch the barrier, don’t touch the barrier…!!!

I told him to shut the f*** up. No one wanted his spot, we were simply trying not to fall (and to pretect him from the push). Idiot. Next time, I told him, he could expect to be squeezed against the rail. I wouldn’t touch his rail, ever again.

It’s those moments that put me off. Goddamnit we’re all fans, we’re all equal and we should relax and enjoy. If it get’s that mad, it ain’t fun anymore.

Well, on to the show… She came on later this time, and cut the show short. No medley, no additional song, as she said he had to catch our trains. Well, right, we don’t have a limo, so we rely on trains and metro… If she’d get up a bit earlier she might make it on time and do the full show…

I had a good time, a great spot, it was relatively relaxed and I enjoyed myself dancing to the songs and the show I like. The public though was remakablbly more quiet than the night before. While we had danced all night on the ranks, this time everybody was sitting down throughout the show.

Here are the pics. Enjoy, like, share… but if you use them, make  a link to this page and me, and don’t pretend they’re yours. Thanks.