Rebel Heart Tour hits London

When I saw the prices for the London shows I though I’d go cheap. No front row seats, this time, but a cheap(er) seat on the side of the arena.

Luckily, my camera has a 30x optical zoom!

I don’t really like seated arenas like in the US or the UK. Somehow it’s not quite the same atmosphere as with a standing crowd.

However, after queueing for so many shows out in the cold, I think everyone in our group (#madonnafamily) was happy to have a break, a drink and a pizza before the event.

Big surprise: she started on time, or even earlier: 8.50 pm! This is due to the limited tube service in London… and it proves she can be on time if she has to.

I just wish she could to this all over Europe, and not make us wait till late…

But back to the show: the UK crowd was great, they stood on the ranks all the time (exception: the French song where everybody sat down immediately, as on commando). They cheered and danced and had a good time.

Madonna reminded everyone about World Aids Day, and the friends she had lost, and then sang everyone’s favorite Like a prayer.

What more can you ask for?