Rebel Heart Tour – the last show

Here is it, the final report and pictures from the final, 82nd show of the Rebel Heart Tour.

Sydney was at its worst, with a continuous tropical downpour, so I arrived pretty uch soaked up to the knees and from above, for the final show.

I was really late, only at around 9, and had a few drinks with friends outside, before heading for my seats on the lower ranks.

The night before they were selling left-over seats on the floor for 99$! Bummer, by the time I got there, all was full.

Anyway, I’ve seen the show 24 times already, so it’s ok… but front row would have been nice one last time, I admit.

So the wait began, and it was a long one… Michael Jackson came on at 11.21 p.m., kind of my bed time.

Madonna was in a chatty mood, and the show lasted well past 2 a.m. in the morning.

She really enjoyed being on stage one last time, the dancers got to spank her, tony, the guy who has been taking care of her costumes for decades got to come on stage to stitch her (costume) up…

They filmed the show again, as last night, but today she toned down the swearing a bit, realizing she migh have to edit the DVD.

The setlist was the same again, including the Dress you up-Medley, Take a bow and Like a prayer, which set the arena on fire, as it always does.

As time went by, the ranks emptied themselves though, and the mood was not as good as the night before.

People were just tired and need to get home. After Like a prayer, no one around me got up anymore, except for Music, and most sat through the rest of the show… or worse, left.

They can’t show the ranks at the end of the show on the DVD. This is sad, as I think she really shoots herself in the foot with being late.

So this is it, the Rebel Heart tour is over. I’ll publish my statistics soon.

I left right after the lights went on. No good-bye’s to my friends, no tears…

I’m not really a guy for long farewells, and on top of it I was still wet, in damp clothes, and tried to catch that last train that Sydney’s public transport had left waiting until after the show was over.

On the way home, my carriage broke into Cherish, one of the cheesier ballads from her 80s repertoire.

What a night.

The show is over, say good-bye,

Say good-bye,

Say good-bye!