Rebel Hearts down under

As if I needed an excuse to come to Australia!

When I travelled the world in 2013-15, Australia was the country I stayed in the longest, and Melbourne was probably my favorite city of them all.

So when Madonna announced – finally – her return to Australia after 23 years of skipping the country on every tour, I had to be there.

My favorite M’s: Madonna and Melbourne.

So I am heading down under, for six more shows of the Rebel Heart Tour – stay tuned for the pictures – and three weeks in Australia. Melbourne, mostly.

Here’s the plan:

  • 5-6 March: flying Brussels-Bangkok-Melbourne
  • 6-15 March: Melbourne
  • 15-19 March: Brisbane
  • 19-21 March: Sydney
  • 21-28 March: Melbourne
  • 29 March: flight back via Bangkok, landing at 7h20 and straight to the office!


I snatched a good ticket on Thai Airways, Brussels – Bangkok – Melbourne in 22h10, as fast as you can get there with only one stop.

It could have been cheaper flying with one of the Gulf airlines, but I’m collecting miles with Star Alliance (which got me two tickets around the world already…), and I need to keep my FTL status with them, so Thai it was.

The flights were pretty good, pretty uneventful, with only a bit of rattling over India and somewhere over the Java Sea.

I did not really sleep, but dozed for most of it.

By now, an 11h flight doesn’t seem like much to me, and even adding another 8 hours after that doesn’t shock me.

I guess, after all that traveling in the past years, the globe has shrunk so much in my mind, that I’m pretty unimpressed by even a long flight, and a jet lag is not much of a problem anymore.

The next few days I’ll just hang in Melbourne again, seeing my friends. A welcome dinner is already organized at the Shandong Mama for tonight.

Madonna has announced a special fan-only show in Melbourne on the 10th. It seems I didn’t win the competition, but maybe I’m still lucky.

If not, I already saw the Laird has a special night I might go to.

Then I’ll head to Brisbane for a few days.

My first time in Queensland, the last Australian state I lacked (not counting the Northern territories). I hope for some sun and beaches. I need UV light!

Then on to Sydney, for the last two shows of the tour, and seeing friends again, and then another full week and Easter in Melbourne.

Life doesn’t get much better than that!