Sandy Bay beach

It’s a hidden gem some 20 kilometers south of Cape Town, my favorite beach on the cape: Sandy Bay beach.

Unlike the other main beaches such as Clifton or Camps Bay, you have to know this one and look for it.

Getting there

Driving down the winding M6 towards Hout Bay, you’ll have a great view on the Twelve Apostles, the continuation of the Table Mountain, all along the ocean.

Some 20 minutes or so later, you’ll come to Llandudno, a small and rather well-off little beach town.

Follow the signs to the Sandy Bay beach parking.

The parking is supervised, and a man there will show you a spot. Give him 10 or 20 Rand when you leave, for the service and supervision.

There’s also your last chance for refreshments, just before you enter the path. A girl will sell chips and some ice cold soft drinks.


From there, it is another 15 minute walk along the sea and through the bushes and trees.

It’s an easy walk, no steep climbs or anything, but it reveals some great views on the mountains and the ocean.

Slowly, you’ll see people on the beach and on the massive rocks that line the ocean.

Clothing optional

People in various stages of undress, as Sandy bay beach is a clothing optional beach. There are a number of little bays and then, there’s the big white Sandy Bay beach.

It’s a long stretch of hot white sand, with a great surf.

On some days, the big waves crashing attract a number of surfers, even though the water there is, as usual for Cape Town, ice cold.


Human surfers are not the only ones enjoying the waves.

One day, we saw a big sea lion surfing along, just catching the wave ahead of where it breaks and surfing along under water.

We could see his big shape through the blue wall of water, just before it crashed.

He did that some ten times all along the beach, then swam back and began again.

Bring your own… everything

As there are no facilities at the beach, you need to bring everything yourself, drinks, food, umbrellas…

But it’s a great secluded and quiet spot.

Not that there’s also no life guard on duty. This really is a wilderness beach.


The crowed is mixed, but the further you go the more naked gay boys will be there, and some of the woods towards the end of the beach are known for their cruising activities.

Explore the ship wrecks

sandybay-20If that’s not for you, then you can also continue to hike along the beach, just under the Karbonkelberg mountain, and explore two ship wrecks on the coast.

The first one is submerged, but is visible from the land.

Once you walk around the little cape, you cannot miss the second one: the wreck of Bos 400 hangs right on the rocks.

A ship used to lay pipes for offshore oil drilling, it was towed from the Congo to Cape Town in 1994, when a storm severed the tow rope.

The ship hit the rocks at Duiker Point, where it can still be seen today.

We went to Sandy Bay four or even five times on this trip, working on our tans. From time to time, we went into the water. But on some days, it’s just too much. It’s so cold, it hurts.

But, tough as we are, we made it in a few times.

It really is refreshing!