Second Rebel Hearts in Melbourne

Second night in Melbourne.

I had seats on the side this time, lower ranks. They were not bad, but the same money had given me floor seats close to the catwalk yesterday….

Well, it’s always good to see the show from different angles, and I guess I have seen it from every possible angle by now. Show #22 tonight.

I also took a number of shots on the heart stage, where most of my friends of the #madonnafamily were seated, again. Fun to see them react to Madonna’s every move.

The show itself was better than last night I thought, Madonna seemed more present and chatty.

She dropped the 80s medley once more – will we ever hear it again? – but included an acapella version of Fever and then gave us Like a prayer

The best thing of the night though was the Unapologetic bitch.

My new friend Bianca got on stage! She was the one who gave me her free entry ticket to the Tears of a clown show in Melbourne, and said she wanted to get on stage with Madonna.

Well, karma works! She did it. In a wedding dress, showing off her butt, and getting rid of her shoes as Madonna didn’t approve of them, she rocked!!! So well deserved!