Swiss Rebel Hearts

This was going to be my last show for 2015, and I was going with my good friend Heike. Not a fan, but she’s been to the MDNA Tour in 2012, and we were up for a good time.

I arrived Friday night, ready to go out to one of the bars that had a Madonna pre-party, and hoping to meet some friends…

Alas, everybody I knew was either queueing already – something I had no intention of doing, not in the cold. I understand the urge to get a great spot, but I also want to go out, have fun, not just queue. So I went by myself, a bit sad I wouldn’t get to meet any of the #madonnafamily, but destined to have a good time.

The club was called Heaven, a small place close to my hotel in the old town of Zurich, and the party was great. Not 100% Madonna, only ever third of fourth song, but it was really amazing. I met some new friends and danced the night away.

The next day, I spent mostly with Heike, walking along the lake with her little daughter, and we only headed to the arena in the evening around 7.

We could still have been really close to the stag, maybe 5th or 6th row, and the Swiss public isn’t that crazy, and was mostly busy drinking a Cüpli outside.

We stayed close to the heart stage, and met my good friend Max and his friends. We had met each other in Tel Aviv for MDNA in 2012.

It was a fun show, and I got to hear Ghosttown a second time. I don’t know why she refuses to include the album’s best song in the set list every night. She really got the Swiss going with that one. Otherwise, they are on the quiet side. Lots of space even close to the stage, all relaxed… and quiet.

Just before Material Girl, when the crowd cheers and she usually makes a gesture to shut them up, she just shrugged it off… it was silent anyway, she surely thought.

So here are the pics of that last night of my European Rebel Heart Tour. 16 shows out of 24, the last 10 back to back. I am tired, I am exhausted. I need a break from touring.