Sydney Fish market

Alas, the warm and sunny weather only lasted one day. Then, the rain came back.

Me and Sydney have a weird relationship – it is always pouring down when I visit. I have seen much more rainy days there than sunny ones, on each of my trips.


So instead of the hiking in the Blue Mountains we had envisaged for this day (the web cam only showed fog there) we decided on some indoor activities.

First stop: the Sydney fish market.

Well, I’m a vegetarian, so there wasn’t much in for me, but I like markets in general.

Opened in 1945, it is the world’s third largest fish market.

There were dozens of stands with fresh or still-alive maritime creatures.

Besides the fishing port, there’s the wholesale fish market, a fresh seafood market, a delicatessen, a sushi bar,  even a fruit and vegetable market.

And if you want to learn how to cook all those creatures, you can even enroll in the seafood cooking school.

Daily wholesale auctions are held from 5.30am for the for Sydney’s seafood retailers.

The so-called Dutch clock auction is a silent auction which begins at the highest price and drops until a bid is made.

So if you’re a big pescetarian, and want to sample some freshly caught fish, the Sydney fish market is the place to go.