Sydney Harbor cocktails

What better to start our trip down under than to head for the Opera house for some Sydney harbor cocktails?

We took a much needed walk after all those hours on the plane, as the night was warm and beautiful.

My sisters shrieked at a couple of low-cruising flying foxes, a species of mega-bat native to Australia.

But we made it over to Circular Quay.

First we had to take in the – admittedly – breathtaking scenery at night.

The view of the harbor with its boats and ferries, the lit-up Opera House in the background, and the towering Harbor Bridge spanning Darling Harbor.

It was about 10pm on a Sunday night, but the area was bustling with people.

Tourists like us, mostly.

It was just a few days after the Chinese New Year festivities, and the harbor promenade was full with lit-up figurines of Chinese animals, and, two giant fighting roosters in front of the Opera House.

Welcome to the year of the rooster.

We sat down in the Opera kitchen, a bar underneath the Opera, with tables right on the waterfront.

True, a full-on tourist bar. But the view and location are impossible to top.

So we happily paid our somewhat overpriced cocktail (my sister) and a ginger beer (for me), and took it all in.

At that point in a trip, after the planes and the jet lag setting in, you feel like you’re watching the world through a haze… and after one drink, we were actually drunk.

Welcome to Australia. We’re on the road!


We made it till past 11.

There are more cool and fancy places nearby, especially all the bars that greet you on The Rocks, the old part of Sydney harbor with all its heritage brick houses and cobblestone laneways…

However, we took a taxi home to our hotel.

We were half delirious after all the journey around the globe, but we made it to a normal bed-time, and slept like babies till the morning.