Sydney in the rain (again)

Sydney and me… it’s not a love story. To say that up front.

The city is fun. Beautiful. The harbor, the green, the cafés, the museums…

It’s just…. it’s always raining when I’m there. Fourth time here and it rained for 48 hours. Tropical rain.

When I was here for 12 days during my round-the-world trip in 2014, it rained on 10 out of those 12 days.

I’ve seen Bondi beach once from far in the sunshine. On the other days I tried it was grey, drizzling, or pouring down.

So forgive me if I haven’t really connected to the city.

In between the Madonna shows, I hoped to go to the beach, and I booked a late flight out on Monday, back to Melbourne, so I could get a tan.. Well, no.

I was lucky on the first day, when I had a little stroll down Crown street in the magnificent Surry Hills neighborhood. Green trees, old houses, and one café and restaurant next to the other.

I had a pizza at Via Napoli. According to their website, the best pizza in Sydney in 2013. And indeed it was very good.

Then on for a cider at The Clock Hotel – a nice afterwork hang-out for the Sydney hip kids and business men, and a couple of hunky gays.

Sip a cocktail on its 1st floor veranda, overlooking Crown street, and indulge in some people watching. So far, so sunny, and then it was time to head to the Olympic Park for Madonna.

The next day though – grey skies and endless rain.

So what can you do in Sydney in a downpour, when you already have done all the museums the last few times you were here?



First stop: brekkie at Paddock on Crown, a little café I could easily reach without getting soaked underneath the covered sidewalk of Crown street.

Then I had lunch and then coffee with another fan in the CBD, in the endless, amazing maze of the Queen Victoria mall. From there, on to The Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills, to catch up with my friend Angus.

Busses aren’t too reliable to turn up in Sydney, so I used a short 15 minute dry window to actually walk over. After catching up with Angus over a few beers, I went back to the hotel, desperate for the downpour to stop…

I went over to the arena for the final show of the Rebel Heart Tour, running into my friend Glenn in the train and another new friend… and arrived all soaked.

The next day, same story. Rain.

I hopped from Paddock to lunch at Chat Thai in the Westfield Mall with Glenn, then on to a coffee and some blogging in the famous Bourke Street Bakery, until it was finally time to head to the airport for my flight to Melbourne.

For the record: Melbourne reported sunny all weekend long.

Sydney, I’ll give you another chance one day. I’m sure you’re beautiful in the sun.

I tried to make the most of you.