Tasmania Road Trip: Bicheno sunrise

If I get up around 5 willingly, it has to be something special. I’m not a morning person.

But the guidebooks and our hosts at the hotel said that the sunrise would be worth it. So we peeled ourselves out of the bed shortly past five, jumped in our clothes, got the cameras ready and walked the few meters down to the shore.

The coastline in Bicheno is mostly rocky, there are no big beaches of sand.

Massive rocks line the ocean, big as a house, so you can easily walk around on them. Most of them are covered with all kinds of red, orange and yellow moss, giving the rocks this special glow.

We were on time, and although the sky was clouded, we were in for a treat. Although we never actually saw the sun rise, Bicheno gave us a spectacular morning.

Even before the sun rose above the horizon, it already lit up the clouds high up in the atmosphere.

It is so hard to chose from the best pictures, as the setting looked different every other minute, but here is a small selection:

Bicheno blowhole

We walked over to the little post, where the last boats were let to water.

We were late, most of the men who went fishing had already left.

We walked over to the Bicheno blowhole, a rock formation where the sea pushed out the water through a hole in the rock.

I got up real close, walking over the rock and moss, but managed not to get soaked. I also go to take a few close-up pictures of this fascinating moss. We would see more of it on our trip up north to the Bay of Fires.

After that, we had earned some hot coffee and raspberry muffins in the local Blue Edge Bakery. A great start for the day.