Tasmania Road Trip: Columba Falls, ferns and dairy

Last leg of our road trip through Eastern Tasmania: we took the day to drive the 160 kilometers up to Launceston.

The road took us away from the coast, through pastures, fields and then, slowly up to the mountains and through the woods.

Our first stop: St. Columba Falls, and a short hike through a beautiful forests of ferns.

It was only a half-hour walk to the falls and back. You can only see the waterfall, the second-highest in Tasmania, at the very end of the walk. The cascading waters of the South George River plunge over a 90 meter granite ledge.

Well, I have seen more impressive, to be honest.

What I found more spectacular was the rain forest we walked through, a true green marvel full of fern trees and other plants.

Tasmanian landscapes

On the way back to the main road, we passed a farm with an alleged beer drinking pig, but we skipped that in favor of the Holy Cow Café.

They sell products of the local dairy farm, so the menu is all about milk and cheese in all its forms.

I had a yummy pizza, my sister a mega cheese cake, which was enough for the remainder of the day.

After that, we drove on through the curvy and ever smaller roads uphill through the woods. Once we saw a wallaby, and even one of the very rare echidnas.

But unfortunately we never saw a wombat alive, only road kill…

Late afternoon, we had crossed the mountain range and arrived in Launceston.