Tasmania Road Trip: Launceston architecture walk

On our last day in Tasmania, we simply explored Launceston.

The weather was nice ans we walked through the city centre, zig-zagging back and forth. It turned out to become an architecture tour.

Here is a bit of the back story:

The area was settled by Europeans in 1806, which makes Launceston one of Australia’s oldest cities.

Hence it is home to many historic buildings, as we discovered on our walk.

Like many Australian places, it was named after a town in the UK.

The town quickly became an export centre, mainly exporting agricultural products.

Soon, small hotels and breweries began to emerge. Australia’s Boag Draught is, in fact, from Launceston.

Architecture walk

Many of the buildings in the central business district (CBD) were constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and Launceston is famous for its so-called ‘Federation’ house style.

Launceston still sports many well preserved Victorian and Georgian buildings and also a large number of art-deco architecture.

It feels a bit like having stepped back in time. Here’s a list of the notable buildings in Launceston.

The city preserved its style deliberately.

You won’t find any modern high risers, which would have compromised the beautiful character of the city centre.

Strict building regulations ensure that most buildings in the CBD have fewer than five floors.

Even as the port had been moved some 40 kilometers north up the river, the city remains a major economic centre of northern Tasmania. Tourism is on the rise.

Here’s a gallery of some of the most stunning buildings: