Tasmania Road Trip: St. Helens and Binalong Bay

The weather was fantastic on the second day in St. Helens, and so we drove over to Binalong Bay one more time and strolled around the beach again.

We found a little cove where people were swimming, fishing and kayaking, and we hung out a little, jumping over the orange rocks.

I talked a little bit on an elderly lady. She was born in the area, and had spent her childhood summers in that little cove, long before it was discovered by us tourists.

I could really imagine her running around, swimming and jumping into the clear water from the cliffs above.

I always wish we’d have more time, to relax half a day, and swim ourselves, or read a book.

Alas, we had to move on and drive to Launceston, our next destination.

However, here are a few of the best shots from Skeleton Bay (read more about it here).

The perfect dinner

One more thing: Australia is known for its amazing kitchen. We ate out a lot and had a number of fantastic breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

I don’t want to turn this into a food blog, so I usually don’t report on everything we ate…

This one however was really outstanding: Mohr & Smith.

Located on the main road in St. Helens we went there as it was recommended by the girl working in our hotel.

We had not reserved a table, and it was really busy. But we were lucky though as the girl offered to sit us in the massive leather sofa and armchair.

We had great local craft cider, and then some amazing salad, a fantastic mango and shrimp curry and fritters with pumpkin, beetroot and feta.

It was delicious, and overall not even that pricey, we got out with 80 $.

If you’re in the area, that’s where you should head!