Tasmania Road Trip: sunset at Cape Tourville

And finally, after a long first day of our road trip through Tasmania that brought us from Hobart to Wineglass Bay, it was time for sunset! We made a little detour on our way home and drove to the lighthouse on Cape Tourville.

By the time we arrived, we were the only visitors there.

The sun was setting in our backs over Western Tasmania, and we had a quiet walk to the lighthouse and along the cliffs that rise high over the Tasman Sea.

The lighthouse itself is not much to be marveled at. It replaced an earlier version in 1971 and was never manned, but fully automatic.

The views form it, however, are a different story.

Amazing ocean view

To the south we got a breathtaking view of Freycinet Peninsula with the Hazard mountain range already covered up in the clouds.

The mountains are said to be named after local whaler, Captain Richard Hazard (but they do look hazardous, too).

From one angle we could even look into Wineglass Bay and onto the beach we had just stood some hours earlier.

Out East in the Tasman Sea you can spot the whales passing buy in certain times of the year, but not now.

The water, the wind and nature was eerily quiet. Ready to go to sleep.

We got a little surprise: we saw a wild Wallaby feeding just a few feet from the boardwalk around the cliffs. It wasn’t disturbed by us, and even sniffed at the Eucalyptus branch I held out for it, but then disappeared.

A perfect ending to a long, amazing day.