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Full Definition of WAYWARD

1  following one’s own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations :  ungovernable <a wayward child>
2  following no clear principle or law :  unpredictable
3  opposite to what is desired or expected :  untoward <wayward fate>


balky, contrary, contumacious, defiant, froward, incompliant, insubordinate, intractable, obstreperous, rebel, rebellious, recalcitrant, recusant, refractory, restive, ungovernable, unruly, untoward, disobedient, wilful

[from Merriam-Webster]


For me, to travel is mostly to write your own story, discover your own relationship with the place and the people around you.

Observe what this new place does to you.

I love travelling alone, doing what I want, whenever I want it.

In 2013, I embarked on an 18-month long journey around the world. It was an amazing experience, living in a different city every month, trying to get to know it as if I lived there.

I love to travel slow. Even if I don’t have much time, I might spend half a day in a park, or a café, or walking around odd streets, instead of ticking off the sights on a list.

In all likelihood, I might leave, having skipped a couple of the most talked-about sights.

But I might have found ‘my’ neighbourhood, my favourite Café or breakfast place, a nice wine bar around the corner.

And might have made a friend along the way.

I like the things that happen, the ones you did not expect. The surprises.

I like the unpredictable, the willful, the capricious, the defiant.

That’s why I called this blog ‘The Wayward Traveller’.

When I started blogging about my journey around the world, I just wanted to keep a more or less private journal for me, my friends and family at home.

I did not think it would attract so many readers around the world.

I just kept writing what came to my mind, the things I experienced, the people I met, the thoughts that crossed my mind.

Pretty much uncensored and not much worked over, I just wrote what came to mind and hit the ‘publish’ button.

I’d like to continue this, simply keep a journal of my travels.

I don’t think I’ll write many posts about the 10 things you’ll have to do in 48 hours in Washington, San Francisco or Melbourne.

I’ll simply write about my travels, and bit by bit, I hope this blog will fill itself.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own travels.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

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