My trips in 2017

I don’t think I’ll ever stop traveling. There’s hardly a moment where I do not have a booking coming up, for one of the city trips, or a long haul flight. It’s my drug, I guess.


Trips already booked for 2017

  •   until 03/01 Cape Town, ZA
  • 05/02-08/02 Sydney, NSW
  • 08/02-13/02 Tasmania, TAS
  • 13-02-17/02 Melbourne, VIC
  • 17/02-21/02 Great Ocean Road, VIC
  • 22/02/24/02 Uluru, NT
  • 24/02-26/02 Melbourne, VIC
  • 28/02-01/03 Paris, FR
  • 17/03-19/03 London, UK
  • 21/04-23/04 London, UK
  • 25/05-29/05 Tel Aviv, IL
  • 02/06-06-06 Montréal, QC


In the works

There are also a couple of other trips in the pipeline, either already in a planning stage, or just ideas that float around in my head:

  • Alaska in the summer, with my Dad and sister
  • returning to Madrid (I love this city)
  • finally visiting Poland
  • Oslo
  • Croatia
  • Cuba


World travel

This is my world travel map, as of end of 2016.

Maybe in 12 months I will have colored a few new spots.


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