Valencia Street Art

I love street art. In any new city, I can put aside my guidebook, and wander off for hours, just following the street art.

Some cities are covered with it, and i can’t even follow all the trails and take pictures.

I did not expect anything of Valencia.

So I was surprised I saw the city’s old town covered in street art and graffiti. Well, parts of it.

Besides the beautifully restored, obviously rich and imposing town houses, there were many streets with old, abandoned houses, waiting to be torn down, or waiting for their turn to be renovated.

On many of those walls and boarded up entrances I could find little artworks, small like mice or a cat, to imposing, wall-filling works of art.

The longer you wanter around, the more you recognize the style and can start to attribute them to some unknown artist, with a unique style or message.

Sometimes, street art is extremely colorful. Huge, glaring pictures that attract your attention. Some time,s it’s mostly stencils with political messages.

In Valencia, surprisingly, the street art wasn’t that colorful, somewhat subdued.

The colors range from simple black-and-white to a number of sandy and earthy tones. Nonetheless, beautiful.

Here’s a little selection of it, enjoy.